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Air-to-water monoblock heat pump, ARCTIC 12kW 400V - WiFi, MODBUS

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Product Description

Air-to-water monoblock heat pump, ARCTIC 12kW 400V - WiFi, MODBUS 



Air-to-water monoblock heat pump, ARCTIC 12kW 400V - Wi-Fi, MODBUS. The new KAISAI Arctic series of heat pumps is characterized by its ability to operate over a very wide range of outdoor temperatures, and is also distinguished by its much quieter outdoor unit design. In addition to the ability to connect up to 16 units via MODBUS protocol, the Artctic series also allows the connection of up to 6 units in a cascade system. The unit is equipped with a USB port for updating software and saving settings. The new ComfortHome app for tablets and phones allows remote control of supply and hot water temperatures, zone switching and control of electricity consumption. The compact design, independent indoor unit and flexible installation make the Eco Home - Split Heat Pump (KHA+KMK) ideal for homeowners, stores, offices and commercial premises. Easy access is provided to all plumbing components. The refrigeration connection between the outdoor and indoor units is freeze-proof, even during prolonged power outages, and an additional refrigerant charge is required only if the length of refrigerant lines exceeds 15 meters.




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