BTW80 wall-mounted buffer heater - DDZBTW80

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Product Description

BTW80 wall-mounted buffer heater - DDZBTW80




BTW80 wall-mounted buffer heater - DDZBTW80. Buffer storage tanks are designed to collect, store and transfer excess hot heating water or other liquids permitted in contact with steel, obtained from various heat sources: central heating boilers, solar collectors, heat pumps, etc.. They protect the central heating installation by taking up the difference between the thermal output of the appliance and the output returned to the heating system. Designed for wall mounting. Optional 2.0 kW electric heater available. Maximum operating pressure of the tank is 0.3 MPa. Buffer tanks are made of black sheet steel. The thermal insulation of the buffer tanks is provided by a 25 mm thick layer of polyurethane foam. The thermal insulation is shielded by a jacket made of thin powder-coated sheet steel. All buffer storage tanks are designed for upright operation and have a top and bottom cover made of ABS plastic.



  • Gross weight [kg] 45
  • Length [m] 0,455
  • Width [m] 0,455
  • Height [m] 0,8

Product Features

  • Weight