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Buffer tank 50 litres PAW-BTANK50L-2, PANASONIC

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Product Description

Buffer tank 50 litres PAW-BTANK50L-2, PANASONIC




Buffer tank 50 litres PAW-BTANK50L-2, PANASONIC. Buffer tank 50 litres PAW-BTANK50L-2, PANASONIC. Hanging buffer tank for Panasonic Aquarea heat pump, capacity 50 litres. The stainless steel buffer tanks can be combined with DHW cylinders to form an integrated Aquarea heat pump system. Thanks to its small size, the tank can be mounted on the wall even in very limited space and is quick and very easy to install. The buffer tank makes it possible to accumulate a supply of water from the system. This extends the duty cycle of the promp and reduces the frequency of the operating mode. The performance of the new Aquarea tank is influenced by the polyurethane-insulated housing design, which reduces heat loss. Automatic vent and drain cock included. Built-in sensor cover (sensor not included).


The combination of Panasonic Aquarea heat pumps with a high-efficiency storage and buffer tank provides the desired hot water volume and temperature, while reducing energy costs.


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