Haier 11 kW heat pump AU112FYCRA(HW)

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HAIER 11 kW heat pump AU112FYCRA(HW)




HAIER 11 kW heat pump AU112FYCRA(HW). Monobloc heat pumps are easier to install because they consist of only one unit mounted outside and a controller located anywhere in the building. Installation of Split pumps requires the creation of an additional connection - the refrigeration system. In the case of monoblock pumps, such a complete system is located inside the unit, so installation requires only a central heating connection. This means that they can be installed without a f-gas certificate. The new Haier heat pump runs on environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which makes the unit more efficient. Thanks to the DC Inverter compressor and the soundproofing materials used, the Haier heat pump operates in a very quiet mode. The unit is equipped with many features that contribute to user comfort, such as intelligent antifreeze technology, which automatically evaluates the temperature difference to ensure the right temperature of the water and the refrigerant in the system, which protects the system from freezing. The Haier heat pump has the ability to be combined with many types of heating, such as fan coils, underfloor heating, or traditional radiators. It is distinguished by the precision of the temperature setting and the instantaneous delivery of heat to the house. The device can operate in QUIET and TURBO modes, allowing efficient heating tailored to users' needs. The new device features a high COP and a competitive price. Haier monobloc pumps are available in three capacities: 8 kW, 11 kW and 16 kW.



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