Haier ATW-A01 module

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Product Description

HAIER ATW-A01 module 



HAIER ATW-A01 module. The connection set requires a proper connection to the electrical ground. Improperly made electrical ground connection or lack of it risks electric shock. Do not connect the electrical ground wire to gas pipes, water pipes, lightning protection system or telephone system ground wires. Do not operate devices such as water heaters or other water preparation devices in the vicinity of the connection set. Operation of devices that emit steam near the connection set risks flooding it with condensed water, ground short circuits and short circuits if the cooling system is activated.



NOTE: This is an optional DHW module for Haier monobloc heat pumps:



  • AU052FYCRB(HW)
  • AU082FYCRA(HW)
  • AU112FYCRA(HW)
  • AU162FYCRA(HW)

Product Features

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