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HOT BYPASS FOX antifreeze system

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214,10 EUR
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Product Description

HOT BYPASS FOX antifreeze system


HotBypass FOX v.1 (with one temperature sensor) has a self-diagnostic system that reports the cause of alarms and beeps.



The set includes:

-Control module with built-in self-diagnosis and operation control system


-Pulse power supply for charging the battery

-Circulation pump

-Set of fittings for installation of the pump bypass


Technical specifications:

-Case dimensions - 248x196x96

-Weight 5.5 kg

-Battery capacity - 18 Ah

-Output voltage - 12 V

-Charging voltage - 13.7 - 13.8 V @ 25°C in buffer mode

-14.6 - 14.8 V @ 25°C in cycling mode

-Maximum charging current - 5.4 A

-Permissible ambient temperature range -20 - 60°C

-Optimal ambient temperature range -25°C +/- 5°C

-Water cycle backup operating time -Up to 48 hr.


Power supply:

-Output voltage - 14.5 V

-DC Input voltage - 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz

-Charging current - 1 A



-Power supply voltage - 12 V DC

-Maximum power - 19 W

-Maximum flow rate - 800 l / h

-Maximum head of water column - 5 m

-Noise - < 35 dB

-Permissible operating temperature range - 0°C to 60°C





Product Features

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