Kaisai Monoblock heat pump 8.9 kW - KHX-09PY1 - R290

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Product Description

KAISAI Monoblock heat pump 8.9 kW - KHX-09PY1 - R290




KAISAI Monoblock heat pump 8.9 kW - KHX-09PY1 - R290. Kaisai monoblock heat pumps with main circulation pump built inside provide heating/cooling and domestic hot water. When installing the unit, installer should connect the heat pump with other parts including the buffer tank, storage water tank and water pumps. External fittings are also needed including the safety valve, water refill valve and hot water valves (three-way valve). Temperature sensor should be added in the storage water tank. Additional electric heater can be installed in the DHW tank or the buffer tank which can get th control signal from the heat pump.



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