Kaisai monoblock heat pump KHC-06RY1-B

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Product Description

Kaisai monoblock heat pump KHC-06RY1-B



The proposed 6 kW (three-phase) Kaisai KHC-06RY1-B monobloc heat pump is a new generation of the Arctic series, characterised by its ability to operate over a very wide range of outdoor temperatures (-25~35°C). In the monobloc heat pump, the R32 refrigerant system has been completely integrated into the outdoor unit, thus ensuring robust thermal insulation, space saving and quiet pump operation.

The compact design of the 
Kaisai monobloc heat pump Arcttic KHC-06RY1-B 6 kW enables intuitive installation and maintenance. In addition to being able to connect up to 16 units thanks to the Modbus protocol of the Arctic series, it also allows up to six units to be connected in a cascade system. In addition, the unit is equipped with a USB port, enabling software and settings to be continuously updated. The special design allows easy access to the internal components, and the length of the communication cable of up to 50 m gives great freedom of installation of the controller. The new ComfortHome app for tablet or phone allows remote control of supply and hot water temperatures, zone switching and monitoring of electricity consumption.


  • 6 operating modes: Heating / Cooling / DHW / Heating + DHW / Cooling + DHW / AUTO
  • Modbus RTU protocol
  • Standard: complete hydraulic module for central heating operation. circulating pump, diaphragm vessel, safety valve, vent valve, flow sensor
  • Operation of 2 heating circuits - as standard
  • Heated drip tray - as standard
  • Additional electric heater
  • Wired controller included
  • Suitable for use with glycol solution
  • Anti-corrosive fin coating
  • Operation via WiFi wireless network


  • Ecological, economical and safe refrigerant
  • Energy efficiency class (ηs moderate to A ++ at 35 °C)
  • Energy efficiency class (ηs up to A ++ at 55 °C on average)
  • Extremely high efficiency: COP of 5.20 (A7W35) and SCOP of 5.22 (TWW 35°C)
  • Operating range during extremely low outside temperatures
  • Basic warranty 3 years, extendable to 5 years


Product Features

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