LG HM051MR.U44 5 kW monoblock heat pump

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Product Description

LG HM051MR.U44 5 kW monoblock heat pump 


HM051MR.U44 LG Monobloc 5 kW 230V heat pump. The THERMA V R32 Monobloc S is the 2nd generation of LG's R32 Monobloc series. As implied by “silence” and “supreme," it boasts reduced noise level and best performance in the THERMA V Series. Combining the indoor and outdoor as one module, it's also connected by only water piping eliminating the need for refrigerant piping. Furthermore, hydronic components like the plate heat exchanger, expansion tank, water pump, flow sensor, pressure sensor, air vent valves, and safety valve are conveniently situated inside the unit. The R32 Monobloc S provides excellent heating performance, especially at low ambient temperature while lowering its carbon emissions with R32.





Product Features