LG HM071MR.U44 7 kW monoblock heat pump

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Product Description

LG HM071MR.U44 7 kW monoblock heat pump 



HM071MR.U44 LG Therma V Monobloc S 7 kW 230V W55/A++ heat pump. The Therma V Monobloc S series is the second generation of LG monoblocs for R32 refrigerant. The symbol S ("silence / supreme") indicates that the monobloc of this series has a low noise level and the best efficiency in the Therma V series. LG monobloc units are characterised by the absence of refrigerant pipework. The units are located outside and are connected to the building's plumbing via water pipes. The plate heat exchanger, water pump and expansion vessel are housed in the monobloc heat pump housing. This translates into easy and quick installation of the unit, even in buildings already in operation.



Key parameters:


  • High energy efficiency (SCOP 4.67 / A +++)
  • Excellent performance at low ambient temperature (100% ; -15°C)
  • Wide operating range (ambient temperature: -25 ~ 35 °C / water side: 15 ~ 65 °C)
  • Low noise level, 32 to 35 dB(A) (sound pressure in quiet mode)
  • High-performance refrigerant R32
  • 1 Scroll compressor
  • Black Fin anti-corrosion coating
  • LG ThinQTM technology
  • KEYMARK / MCS / Eurovent certification






Product Features