LG HM163MR.U34 16 kW monoblock heat pump

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Product Description

LG HM163MR.U34 16 kW monoblock heat pump




HM163MR.U34 LG Therma V Monobloc S 16 kW 400V W55/A++ heat pump. The Therma V R32™ from LG™ is a complete monobloc heat pump that will provide efficient and economical heating for your home. It works even at sub-zero outside temperatures, and being made of high quality materials, it allows trouble-free operation whenever you want! Easy control is made possible by a user-friendly interface. The new split series now has a more attractive exterior and a new controller. The front cover has been removed, the corners have been rounded and the internal units have been reduced in size, resulting in compact dimensions and high functionality. THERMA V Monobloc is a unit in which the indoor and outdoor units are combined into a single unit. There is therefore no need for refrigerant pipework. The Monobloc unit located outside is only connected by water pipes. In addition, additional components on the water side, such as the plate heat exchanger, expansion vessel and water pump are contained in a single housing.





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