PANASONIC 9kW 230V - WH-SDC0709J3E5 + WH-UD09JE5-1 / KIT-WC09J3E51 heat pump

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Product Description

PANASONIC 9kW 230V - WH-SDC0709J3E5 + WH-UD09JE5-1 / KIT-WC09J3E51 heat pump 



PANASONIC 9kW 230V HP-HIGH-PERFORMANCE - WH-SDC0709J3E5 + WH-UD09JE5-1 / KIT-WC09J3E5-1. Aquarea warms your home effectively and efficiently, even with extreme outdoor temperatures. Aquarea can also cool space in summer and bring hot water all year round. Aquarea High Performance is the range for new installations and low consumption homes. Outstanding efficiency and energy savings with minimised CO2 emissions and minimum space. Aquarea All in One: This range intelligently integrates the best Hydrokit technology with a premium quality stainless steel tank, which is maintenance-free.





Product Features

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