PANASONIC heat pump AQUAREA WH-UD12HE5 12 kW + WH-ADC1216H6E5

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Product Description

PANASONIC heat pump AQUAREA WH-UD12HE5 12 kW + WH-ADC1216H6E5




PANASONIC heat pump AQUAREA WH-UD12HE5 12 kW + WH-ADC1216H6E5.


Aquarea High Performance Split heat pumps, R410A refrigerant.


  • Designed for new installations and energy-efficient buildings. Exceptional performance and energy savings with minimal CO2 emissions and compact design. They are easy to install and maintain. High Performance pumps operate at temperatures as low as -20°C. They are equipped with special software for energy-efficient homes, automatic vent valve and compressor frequency display function.
  • High Performance pumps help meet stringent building requirements and reduce construction costs. Building heating and hot water preparation account for a significant portion of total energy consumption. Panasonic's High Performance heat pumps contribute to a significant reduction in energy consumption.


Technical characteristics:


  • A split system having a separate outdoor and indoor Hydrokit unit is connected to the heating and/or DHW system.


Features of the units:


  • Energy class A++ for ErP 35°C and A++ for ErP,
  • Smartphone control - optional (CZ-TAW1),
  • Easy installation and maintenance,
  • Special software for energy-efficient homes, minimum outlet temperature 20°C,
  • Maximum outlet temperature of the hydronic module 55°C,
  • Performs at temperatures as low as -20°C,
  • Automatic vent valve,
  • Compressor frequency display.







Product Features