Panasonic T-CAP AQUAREA WH-MXC09J3E5 9 kW monoblock heat pump

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Product Description

PANASONIC T-CAP AQUAREA WH-MXC09J3E5 9 kW monoblock heat pump 


PANASONIC heat pump AQUAREA WH-MXC09J3E5 9 kW 230V .The new Aquarea T-Cap Generation J Type Monoblock ( three-phase ) unit is a compact, high-efficiency heat pump designed for retrofit homes after boiler replacement, with underfloor heating and radiators. Panasonic pumps of this type are easy to integrate into existing installations or fit into new projects. The optimum option for a house equipped with low-temperature radiators or underfloor heating is the Aquarea high-efficiency heat pump. It can operate on its own or, depending on heating needs, work in conjunction with an existing gas or oil boiler, contributing to even greater savings and comfort in any home. The Aquarea T-Cap R32 series is characterised by high efficiency when supplying heating water and domestic hot water. The units are easy to maintain thanks to built-in components such as a water filter and water flow sensor. Another advantage is the collaboration with the Smart Cloud cloud service. R32 refrigerant: a 'small' change that changes everything. Panasonic recommends the use of the more environmentally friendly refrigerant R32. Compared to R22 and R410A, it has a very low impact on ozone depletion and increasing global warming. Aquarea T-CAP R32 units are the ideal solution for both new and retrofit installations where high output is required.




Product Features

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