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Prices and payment methods

  1. The prices of the Goods are given in Polish zloty and include all components, including VAT, customs duties and other charges. In the case of foreign Contractors, the price is given in Euro.
  2. The Client can choose the following payment methods:
    1. bank transfer to the Seller's bank account (in this case the processing of the Order will be initiated after the Seller has sent the Client a confirmation of acceptance of the Order, and the Order will be dispatched immediately after the funds have been credited to the Seller's bank account and the Order has been completed);
    2. cash on delivery – payment at the Seller's personal collection point (in this case the Order will be executed immediately after the Seller sends confirmation of Order acceptance to the Client, and the Goods will be made available at the Seller's personal collection point) (cash payment possible only in PLN currency up to a maximum of 15 000 PLN) 
  3. The Seller may also provide an Entrepreneur with a payment method including deferred payment, hereinafter referred to as "Trade Credit". In this case, execution of the Order shall commence after the Seller has sent an Entrepreneur a confirmation of acceptance of the Order and the shipment shall be made immediately after completion of the Order. The payment period will be agreed upon individually with the Entrepreneur. The payment period shall not exceed 90 days.
  4. The decision to grant Trade Credit and its terms and conditions, in particular, its maximum amount and payment period, is granted by the Seller individually for each Client.
  5. For information on how to request a Trade Credit, the Client shall contact the Seller individually.
  6. The Seller has the right to refuse to grant Trade Credit to the Client or to change its amount at any time without providing a reason. The above provision shall not apply to Sales Agreements concluded before changing the amount of the Trade Credit by the Seller. The information about the refusal to grant Trade Credit or about the change of its amount is communicated by the Seller by e-mail to the Client's address indicated by the Client during his contact with the Sales Supervisor.
  7. The Seller shall inform the Client on the Shop's website about the time limit within which the Client is obliged to make the payment for the Order. In the case of failure to make the payment by the Client within the period referred to in the previous sentence, the Seller, after a prior failed call for payment setting an appropriate time limit, may withdraw from the Agreement on the basis of Article 491 of the Civil Code.