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Smart Cloud network adapter CZ-TAW1

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Product Description

Smart Cloud network adapter CZ-TAW1




Smart Cloud network adapter CZ-TAW1. The new CZ-TAW1 module is much more than a simple way to control your heating system via the Internet. It is a way to make the Aquarea device even smarter and maximize comfort while minimizing energy bills and reducing CO2 emissions even more. Starting with the basic functions, the CZ-TAW1 platform will be expanded to include more options, making the Aquarea device the most energy-efficient system in your home and making it easier for the installer to perform maintenance work.



Key features: 


  • Compatible with Aquarea generation H or J devices,
  • Connection to a home router via WiFi or wired LAN,
  • Possibility to use a temperature sensor in the controller,
  • Maximum of 2 heating zones,
  • Remote operation,
  • Power consumption- max. 2.5 watts,
  • Possibility to activate holiday mode.





Product Features

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