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Product Description



Sungrow data logger for up to 30 bus participants or inverters, or up to 15 inverters on each of 3 RS-485 daisy-chain channels.



Please note:

-Weather station occupies 1 channel if available

-The energy meter occupies 1 channel if not connected via Ethernet (Janitza 604).

-SGxxKTL only runs individually on one channel, or as the last unit in case of mixing.

-SGxxRT runs up to 5 units per COM100E.



-3 x RS485 interface for inverter, energy meter and sensors

-WiFi and Ethernet

-5 digital inputs for connecting a circular signal receiver

-4 analog outputs 4 - 20 mA or 0-10 V

-Datalogger in outdoor housing

-Connection 230 V


-Weight: 6 kg

-Dimensions: 460 mm x 315 mm x 126 mm




Product Features

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