Surge arrester CITEL DC T2 / 480141 DS50PVS-500/G

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Product Description

Surge arrester CITEL DC T2 / 480141 DS50PVS-500/G




CITEL DC T2 arresters / 480141 DS50PVS-500/G. JEAN MUELLER POLSKA is an innovative and professional company. Quality, reliability of the offered products and safety of the installer are of utmost importance to them. JEAN MUELLER POLSKA, as an expert in the field of photovoltaic protection, is a supplier of many elements, which include: fuse links type 10x38 and NH, fuse bases and disconnectors, connection terminals, polyester enclosures type KVS. These components provide safe operating conditions on both the DC and AC side of the voltage spectrum.



Key parameters:



  • Type 2 surge protection for photovoltaics,
  • Discharge capacity per pole: In = 20kA; Imax = 40kA,
  • Y connection arrangement,
  • Interchangeable modules,
  • Remote signaling as standard.

Product Features

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