T-piece MC4 - Multi-contact MC-PV-AZS4/AZB4 / cpl. +/-

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Product Description

T-piece MC4 - Multi-contact MC-PV-AZS4/AZB4 / cpl. +/-


Contact type:

-4 mm Ø banana connector, made of tin-plated copper, inside the sockets there are resilient Multi-lams® to improve electrical contact.

Voltage rating:

-1500 V DC (UL)

Rated current:

-50 A

Test voltage:

-12 kV

Ambient temperature:

--40°C ... +75°C (UL)

Max operating temp:

-105°C (TÜV)

Degree of protection:

-Connection state IP67

-Disconnection state IP2X

Measurement category/degree of contamination:


Contact resistance ≤ 0.5 mΩ

Protection class:




Flammability class:



-UL per UL 6703-E343181




Product Features

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