Tigo TSI-5K1D - 5 kW Energy Storage Hybrid Inverter + energy storage / 1-phase

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  • AC nominal output
    5000 W
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Product Description

Tigo TSI-5K1D - 5 kW Energy Storage Hybrid Inverter + energy storage / 1-phase



  • At least 2 batteries are required for 3-phase installation


The kit consists of:

  • TIGO TSI-5K1D - 5 kW hybrid energy storage inverter
  • TIGO TSS-1PS - Single-phase inverter box with ATS
  • TIGO EI BMS + TIGO TSB-3 - 3.1 kWh battery module, LFP


Introducing Tigo EI Residential Solutions. Until the March 31st 2024, you will receive free TS4-A-O optimizers when you purchase EI Residential systems. All you need to do is buy at least one of the EI Residential Solution components (EI Link <,wire Hub>>, EI BMS, EI Battery) along with your EI inverter and register on the Tigo Energy Intelligence portal to apply for free TS4-A-O optimizers.



The number depends on the power of the inverter purchased and is as follows:


Single-phase inverter models:


TSI-3K1D - 8x free TS4-A-O

TSI-5K1D - 13x FREE TS4-A-O



Three-phase inverter models:


TSI-6K3D - 15x FREE TS4-A-O

TSI- 10K3D - 25x GRATIS TS4-A-O

TSI-15K3D - 38x GRATIS TS4-A-O


The Tigo EI Inverter quickly connects to the EI Battery and converts DC electricity from the solar modules into AC electricity for use in the home. Installers and homeowners have the flexibility to choose the size (from 3-15kW) and phase (1 or 3) to meet the needs of their solar project.

Features and benefits
  • 3 phase: 6kW
  • Storage-ready ‘hybrid’ inverter
  • Up to 150% DC oversizing (1.5:1 DC/AC ratio)
  • Efficiency - Max: 98.2%; Euro: 97.7%
  • Monitored by Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI)
  • 152-month warranty



The Tigo EI Battery is a modular, scalable energy storage system for the EI Residential solution. Available in sizes from 3kWh to 12kWh for 1-phase or 3-phase homes and featuring efficient DC:DC charging from solar, the EI Battery enables flexible and reliable backup power.
Features and benefits
  • Reliable, stable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry
  • Multiple modes including self-consumption, time of use (TOU) and backup
  • Configurable up to 12 kWh (3kWh per enclosure)
  • Single phase and three phase options
  • Efficient DC:DC charging from your array
  • Includes battery management system
  • Monitored by Tigo Energy Intelligence (EI)
  • 132-month warranty




Single-phase inverter wirebox with ATS

The EI Link brings together all of the components of the Tigo EI Residential Solution. It physically joins the EI Inverter with the EI Battery with minimum cables required. It wirelessly communicates with the Tigo TS4's connected to each module and communicates with the cloud, to enable simple commissioning, remote monitoring, over-the-air updates, and more.

Features and benefits
  • Centralized wiring connects the EI Inverter to the EI Battery
  • Built-in CCA enables system and module-level monitoring
  • Connects to Tigo TS4's via a Tigo Access Point (TAP)
  • 60-month warranty



Product Features

  • AC nominal output
    5000 W