Safety switch PROJOY PEFS-EL40-4 - P2 (MC4) - 2 strings

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Product Description

Safety switch PROJOY PEFS-EL40-4 - P2 (MC4) - 2 strings



The device is designed to disconnect the DC circuit, when there is a power outage on the AC side, and automatically switch on the DC circuit, when AC power is restored. Such a situation occurs in the event of a power grid failure, or a deliberate shutdown of the power supply to a building when there is a fire hazard. The ProJoy fire protection circuit breaker does not require resetting and is completely maintenance-free. Properly installed, the ProJoy PEFS-EL40-4(P2) circuit breaker has a positive opinion of the Fire Experts and fulfills the provisions of the amendment to the Building Law, which came into force on September 19, 2020, for installations with an installed capacity of more than 6.5 kW.





-Supports 1 or 2 chains,

-Mechanical motorized disconnector,

-Ip66 housing made of PC and ABS plastic,

-Automatic shutdown above 70°,

-Ventilation valve to prevent condensation in the housing,

-DC insulation in accordance with certifications: TUV, CE, CB, SAA, UL.




-Chain voltage: 300~1500 Vdc

-Current per chain: 3~55 A

-Operating voltage: 100 Vac - 270 Vac

-Nominal voltage: 230 Vac

-Nominal current: 30 mA

-Starting current: ~100 mA

-Current at trip: 300 mA max

-Return connection: 24Vdc - 300 mA max

-Operating temperature range: -40°C ... +70°C

-Maximum operating temperature before automatic shutdown: +70°C

-Storage temperature range: -40°C ... +85°C

-Protection degree: IP66

-Protection Class: Class II

-DC disconnector compliant: EN 60947-1&3

-Number of switches: 10 000

-Number of switching under PV load: >1500

-Height x width x depth: 210 x 191 x 100.5 mm

Product Features

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